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My name is Chris and I've been based in Te Anau for about five years - moving from Invercargill and Dunedin previously with my wife Kate and our four beautiful daughters.  I have been doing photography for over 25 years specializing in Landscapes, Sporting Events and Nature,  with a few Portraits and Weddings thrown in to keep the variety.  I love being out in nature exploring Fiordland and the South Coast (or anywhere interesting for that matter).  

I am  involved in the Southland Photographic Society and with a couple of local photographers run the Fiordland Camera Club based here in Te Anau.  I have been receiving top results within these clubs and as well as  nationally.  I have also been featured several times on some high profile online web communities and television.

I have  also started Tutoring and really enjoy helping people get something out of their camera NOT using auto mode. Hopefully also going home with some knowledge of how they got the shots they have taken. I keep it simple,  relaxed and fun - I shoot with Canon gear primarily but I also have a great knowledge of the workings of other brands as well. Check out my facebook page to see what we get up to!  (

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