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July 31st - August 1st September 4th-5th

2021 Courses

Back in about 2015 I started running photography courses for beginners here in Te Anau. I did that for a couple of years before starting to run them myself. I've never looked back - I am hoping to do more of them as I work out what people are after...  So currently I just run beginner courses. But I hope to offer more advanced courses in landscapes in the future. My next plan is to try and get the youth more into photography so I'm currently looking at setting up some youth courses for high school aged people.  

In the mean time I just have the beginners course and here is a basic outline of what we will get up to - the group is limited to 8-10 people which allows plenty of one on one help where needed!

Saturday is jam packed full of learning - practical  learning - starting with some what do all these buttons do on the camera, looking into composition settings and various other aspects. Then moving through to actually using them and putting them into practice using a few sessions set up to have a play. 

Sunday is a big day out on the road ‘Chasing the Light.’ We will visit a number of locations depending on the weather, putting all the learnt settings into practice, in real world situations.

I believe learning is doing, so we will be using the camera lots. With lots of  shutter pushing we should be able to get you on the right path to controlling the camera and starting to use it properly! (actually knowing how to achieve different results!) 


You will need lunch, camera that shoots manual, tripod, charged batteries, warm clothing, gumboots are handy and $15-$20 for petrol for the Sunday day trip - Accommodation and Food not included. You are responsible for your own gear throughout the course.

This year I have a few cameras and lenses available for anyone who wants to try one out... (good for someone thinking of buying a DSLR)  For a small extra fee on top of the course costs - contact me to talk about this option.

Click on the Register button to reserve your spot which will also  require full payment - I'll send the payment info out after you register

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